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1000 backlinks em trackback gratuitos

Este site submete seu blog em comentarios de artigos em outros blogs. Oferecem 1000 backlinks em formato de trackbacks em blogs wordpress. O sistema é inteligente, tem uma desvantagem tem que cadastrar.

Eles também oferece um serviço premium onde você paga uma taxa mensal para enviar ilimitados trackbacks. O que eles dizem:

We have two link submitting systems that solves the most important and serious problem facing webmasters – namely, getting good quality, relevant back links to their web sites. It identifies the web sites which matches to your keywords. It then creates a network of links between these sites such that each site gets as many back links as possible from related web sites while still ensuring that all links in the system are one way links.
This is the fully automated system for giving webmasters as unlimited number of relevant one way back links without wasting there money and time.

1000 backlinks forum gratuitos

O site oferece 1000 backlinks gratuitos em foruns, a desvantagem é que você tem que se cadastrar. Eles também tem um programa pago para criação de links.

Eles dizem We are giving current customers ample time (no date set) to switch over to the new product on their own terms. The price is lower, the options are greater, and the format of the control panel has improved considerably – so it’s not going to be a tough choice. If you are an old customer reading this line, remember that you can sign up for and receive 1,000 free links to get started with! If you want us to move over your remaining links from to please contact us

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211 backlinks whois e stats para seu blog

Um dos melhores geradores de backlinks, digite seu blog para abrir em uma nova janela para pingar o endereço e garar os backlinks.

Submit your site to 211 whois and web stats sites. Just enter your domain and hit Go! Each site will give you at least one backlink. A new window will open where you can see the process. Keep this and the new window open while the process is done.

211 free Backlinks

Depois implemento o scprit para gerar 2000 backlinks.

32 Backlinks gratuitos para seu blog

Eu não gosto muito deste tipo de links, mas ele cumpre o que promete e realmente gera 32 backlinks enviando seu blog para sites mais importantes.

We know how important is backlinks to get a high PageRankTM. Here is a code that make easy to build 32 backlinks for free. All backlinks are dofollow and comes from value sites like Alexa, W3C, etc. Just copy & place the code at your website, and will be created 32 high quality backlinks fully automatic.

Ping Your Url For Free

A blog ping is just a piece of text, in simple words. It’ll contain your blog name and the url. It is usually prepared in the XML format. The servers that accept ping have special programs for accepting and processing these XML pings. To prevent a spam you need to wait a time to send a new pin